About us


Company ENGLER Ltd. was founded precisely in 2012. During this period there was outburst in global cargo transportation, not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. We are mainly focused on the cargo delivery by sea, air or motor transport from the countries of Southeast Asia such as China and Taiwan.

But we also cooperate with the CIS countries, countries in the European peninsula, and even America. Our company has got warehouses and transport links all over the world, so the delivery of goods can be quickly and efficiently arranged in any direction.

Although the company was established in 2012, which means only about 4 years of practice, during this period we have carried out international transportation of goods worth more than $100 million. This is tangible result, especially given the current crisis situation. But we do not stop on that, constantly expanding our horizons and improving skills.


We have sea transport at our disposal, also provide transportation by trucks. But delivery by air is popular, too. Each type has its own advantages, but in any case the international traffic of goods is carried out at the highest level.

Our company is an international carrier with a big name, which has got the right to be in the leading position. And comparing the statistics we can say with confidence: so that is. Therefore, international traffic is a complex concept of everything that we offer our customers. It also implies a range of services such as:

  • forwarding;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs clearance;
  • development of transport route;
  • choice of the type of transport;
  • providing storage space for temporary storage of the goods at the time of customs clearance;
  • cargo escort in the port, and more.

And this is just a small list of services we provide in full and at the highest level today. Such brands as: Asus, Dell, Exide, Huawei and others became our loyal customers.

High responsibility, good planning and strict execution of orders – these are the main 3 components of the postulate that we stick to, including all our employees.

But we do not stop on that, along with the usual international carriage, we can arrange delivery of mixed cargoes from China and other countries.

In addition, each of the customers can be fully confident in our punctuality and responsibility, because we are doing our work from the moment of acceptance of the order to the moment of its unloading to the customer.

The path of cargo may begin from air and end in motor transport. If earlier it was the great happiness to have city to city delivery, today an indispensable condition for every carrier company is door to door delivery. And in this, we have no equals.

Company ENGLER Ltd. was founded in September 2012 in accordance with current legislation of Russian Federation.

The company’s office is located in the center of Moscow on Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya Str. 16.

Company accounts are opened in the UniCredit Bank. We have got possibility to carry out operations in national currency (RUR), and in foreign currencies (USD, Euro).

ENGLER Ltd. is part of an international group of companies whose representatives are in Hong Kong, China, Russia and Ukraine.

Activity of the company


Our company’s activity is based on years of existing customer needs not only in our country but also far beyond its borders. So ignoring this industry, and not providing the chance for high-quality goods carriage would be a true sin.

We are constantly developing new ways of working with clients, providing them with more opportunities for more attractive prices. Today, logistics services from our specialists are the most advantageous, not taking into account the range of additional services, which may also include: forwarding, insurance and escort.

The cost of goods transportation from China and other countries are lower than in any other company. But it does not speak about the poor quality of services. Our clients receive a package of guarantees, so that they can be confident in us. Payment for the service of international traffic is charged only after the cargo was sent and this information is delivered to the customer.

Each customer signs a contract on the international carriage with us, with clearly spelled out responsibilities of the parties. We will not deviate from the above and always happy to help thoroughly when difficulties arise. Therefore, in addition to practical services for international traffic we can also provide advice on issues of interest.

Company ENGLER functions as a universal tool for business activities.

Logistics is the main activity of the enterprise. Our professionals have extensive experience in international and domestic traffic. In 2012, the total value of goods transported was $126 million.

In Russia we are able to offer customers full range of services for the delivery, customs clearance, receipt of various permits, storage and insurance of, practically, all kinds of cargos, not only in import regime, but also in export. We quickly track changes in Russian and international legislation to ensure that our customers are protected to the maximum extent from the influence of external factors.

Main suppliers of goods to Russian clients of the company are manufacturers from the Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With 16 offices in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and cargo agents in countries-neighbours, we provide excellent service from the moment of collection of the cargo from the supplier and up to its delivery to the customer in Russia. Air and sea transport prevail in this kind of traffic. Thanks to the international structure of the company, we offer competitive prices and different delivery options. Our employees and cargo agents speak the languages of the countries we cooperate with. We understand problems and concerns of our clients and ready to help in their solving.

Thanks to our cargo agents’ network, we settle the issues of cargo delivery from Europe. Cargo motor transport and air transport prevail in this direction.

Orders for cargo delivery from the United States are not often, but regular. We have got experience of multi-modal traffic for both: legal and natural persons.

ENGLER activities as an export agent for our foreign customers should be pointed out separately.

Often Russian manufacturers do not export their goods to non-resident companies. In this case, we provide the entire range of services that includes:

– Signing of agreement at the customer’s request between our company and the Russian supplier, the purchase of goods under a contract for RUR (payment from the customer to the bank account of ENGLER Ltd. can come in USD or Euro);

– Organization of shipment, transportation, insurance of goods to the place of consolidation and customs clearance, including the classified facilities of supplier-enterprises;

– Consolidation, storage of goods in the territory of Russia;

– A certificate of origin for goods manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as permits, such as the conclusion FSMTC (Federal Service for Military and Technical Control) for goods relating to dual-use items;

– Customs clearance of the exported goods;

– Transportation and insurance of the products at the request of a non-resident customer to the final recipient in the most convenient manner.

Delivery of goods to the final recipient may be both: direct (Russian warehouse – warehouse of the recipient) and on the complicated scheme, which allows to carry out the specific requirements of the customer towards confirming paper work.

These services were provided for non-resident companies that supply Russian goods for oil and gas industry and governmental structures in Central Asia.

Also, we offer services on import and sale of goods of the Ukrainian manufacturers through ENGLER Ltd. as an agent in Russia.

During carrying out tasks mentioned above, our company takes care of the transportation to customs service and inside the Russian Federation borders, obtaining various permits, customs clearance (both in Ukraine and Russia), cargo insurance.

We have already done similar tasks for Ukrainian manufacturers of the equipment and materials during supplies of it to mining companies in Novokuznetsky Municipal District, Kemerovo Oblast’, Russia.