Air freight from every corner of the globe to the CIS countries and Europe


All kinds of cargo transportation are equally relevant today, because there are different clients and different requirements. Moreover, the type of transport depends on the type of cargo.

For example, to transport very heavy loads from one continent to another certain vehicles are needed that are able to bear the weight of several tens of tons.

Freight truck or sea barge can cope with this task. But if you want to arrange transportation of far less weight, but it is desirable to get fast service, international cargo air carriage is the best possible way that comes to mind.

Why air

Delivery by air in contrast to other kinds of transport, is carried out ultra fast, because the plane is moving at a speed of at least 500 km/h, unlike a cargo truck or a cargo ship. In addition, the advantage of cargo air carriage is the high quality of delivery.

Of course, unlike the case with cars, it can’t be delivered directly from the aircraft, but the customer will receive a huge advantage in time. Cargo delivery from China to Moscow by air can take no more than 24 hours, while by motor transport it will take at least 2 weeks. But do not forget that the cost of cargo air carriage is much more expensive than by sea or road.

Our services

Working in the field of international transportation for several years, we can guarantee our customers high quality and speed of the delivery. Moreover, we also take care of such things as:

  • customs clearance;
  • delivery of general cargoes;
  • transport logistics;
  • organization of loading and unloading of goods of all types;
  • search for a warehouse for temporary storage.

We can arrange delivery of goods from all corners of the globe to countries in Europe and the CIS.