Container shipping from Southeast Asia


Transportation of cargo by sea is, always, in demand, due to number of advantages in comparison to other options:

  • Low cost. Due to the large volume of transported cargoes delivery cost is low. This is possible thanks to the transport ship taking aboard a large number of containers, each of those accommodates up to 20 tons of cargo. It makes amount of energy needed for delivery minimal.
  • Preservation of the goods. Sea transport is the most secure of all currently existing technical means, due to the nature of the movement and the minimum number of possible accidents.
  • Marine cargo at its core is containers, which can contain anything you want. They are quite durable, hermetically sealed and spacious. In modern models can be transported as construction materials, and food products, in any case, guarantee their safety at the time of transportation. Transportation by sea solves many problems. For greater efficiency you should transport goods in large quantities.

Our services

Our company offers big list of services in the field of cargo transportation by sea. Doing this for years, we can guarantee the following advantages:

  • Overseas transportation in any volume.
  • We carry out container shipping in well-defined terms, without falling outside the scope throughout the entire journey of cargo ships.
  • We can deliver a container from China: from the sender to the customer.
  • The cargo is not transferred from one type of transport to another, so the container can be placed on the container carrier and delivered directly to destination place.

   • If you choose us, we will take care of all the logistics, including customs clearance, loading and unloading, temporary storage and other issues.