Consulting on the optimization of logistic processes


Have you faced with the problems in the organization of international transportation? We are with you always! We provide a full range of services for the delivery of various cargoes from Asia to Europe and back.

For several years we not only deal, but also provide direct assistance in solving the problems of in-port cargo expedition, tracking its movement, the implementation of insurance, registration of export-import documentation and other things. Today we have got clients from different countries. Not only small companies, but also large corporations world-wide cooperate with us.

Consulting on the optimization of logistic processes is our craft. We deal with it not just good, but excellent. During many years of work we have developed many techniques of effective case management for different situations.

What do we offer

Everyone wants to get maximum comfort in any sphere. The delivery of cargo takes special place here. It does not matter for the consumers that the products they ordered are on the edge of the world and the delivery takes time.

They want to get it as quickly as possible. Our company exists to implement this wish in real life. We minimize customer/sender’s worries by taking care of the work on the organization of the international transportations for them. Moreover, we can also carry out customs clearance, insurance, cargo expedition, to assist in the preparation of consignment vouchers and declarations. But it is not so simple, too.

There are generally accepted rules of international traffic, which regulate the interaction of the actuator cargo transportations with the service customer. For order processing to be quick, and the goods have been delivered on time, you need to join in rhythmically with already settled during many years work process where different companies operate synchronously. Besides, it does not matter, if it is the world-wide leader in sales or a single order.

Providing cargo traffic is a complex job that requires long-term preparation and building quality links. Some steps may be performed synchronously that can significantly speed up the procedure. An inexperienced entrepreneur surely will face mass of problems, but for us these are only transitory frictions.