Why air

Delivery by air in contrast to other kinds of transport, is carried out ultra fast, because the plane is moving at a speed of at least 500 km/h, unlike a cargo truck or a cargo ship. In addition, the advantage of cargo air carriage is the high quality of delivery.

Of course, unlike the case with cars, it can’t be delivered directly from the aircraft, but the customer will receive a huge advantage in time. Cargo delivery from China to Moscow by air can take no more than 24 hours, while by motor transport it will take at least 2 weeks. But do not forget that the cost of cargo air carriage is much more expensive than by sea or road.

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Container shipping from Southeast Asia

Transportation of cargo by sea is, always, in demand, due to number of advantages in comparison to other options:

  • Low cost. Due to the large volume of transported cargoes delivery cost is low. This is possible thanks to the transport ship taking aboard a large number of containers, each of those accommodates up to 20 tons of cargo. It makes amount of energy needed for delivery minimal.
  • Preservation of the goods. Sea transport is the most secure of all currently existing technical means, due to the nature of the movement and the minimum number of possible accidents.
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Have you faced with the problems in the organization of international transportation? We are with you always! We provide a full range of services for the delivery of various cargoes from Asia to Europe and back.

For several years we not only deal, but also provide direct assistance in solving the problems of in-port cargo expedition, tracking its movement, the implementation of insurance, registration of export-import documentation and other things. Today we have got clients from different countries. Not only small companies, but also large corporations world-wide cooperate with us.

Consulting on the optimization of logistic processes is our craft. We deal with it not just good, but excellent. During many years of work we have developed many techniques of effective case management for different situations.

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International traffic is not an easy job, because it includes a lot of activities that require a lot of time and a decent amount of material resources. But not with our company.

We guarantee a high level of service in assisting in the delivery of absolutely any cargo. It can be home appliances, construction materials, animals or food. For a considerable period of work in this field, we have built up a clear scheme of cooperation with customers, including all stages, from loading operation up to unloading at the destination place.

On the part of the customer delivery process looks as simple as possible: they give an order in our hands and then get it at the designated location. But do not assume that everything is so simple.

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Sea freight traffic type is one of the most popular, because it has significant advantages over air and motor transport, but to complete the circuit in the delivery we need more than one type of transport.

As in the case of cargo air carriage, the delivery to the destination place is performed solely by truck. The distance of the place of destination of the cargo from the seaport is sometimes goes up to several thousand kilometers, so in the end we still have to use motor transport. But with our company it’s not a chore, because we take care of the customs clearance and logistics.

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