Supporting services


International traffic is not an easy job, because it includes a lot of activities that require a lot of time and a decent amount of material resources. But not with our company.

We guarantee a high level of service in assisting in the delivery of absolutely any cargo. It can be home appliances, construction materials, animals or food. For a considerable period of work in this field, we have built up a clear scheme of cooperation with customers, including all stages, from loading operation up to unloading at the destination place.

On the part of the customer delivery process looks as simple as possible: they give an order in our hands and then get it at the designated location. But do not assume that everything is so simple.

Organization of international transportation is not only loading and unloading. You must obtain mass of transportation permissions, properly arrange supporting import-export documentation, to arrange customs clearance, make a delivery plan for the area and much more. But besides all this, cargo transportation at the highest level involves the following services:

  • Cargo insurance. The most important component of the whole process, which guarantees the safety of transported cargo or indemnification in case of damage, loss and theft. The insurance company takes full responsibility in case of emergency.
  • Direct assistance in registration of export-import documentation includes: preparation of consignment vouchers, declarations and other documents necessary for the movement of goods from one country to another.
  • Highly qualified consulting. If necessary, we can provide consulting services for the clients that want to provide implementation of transportation on their own. We do not refuse to help with the advice to our potential customers who want to save, giving them only the relevant information.